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Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding the Auto Glass Replacement Process

How soon can you do the job I need?
We are able to schedule same day or next day service. When you call for an appointment, we do our best to plan our schedule to meet your needs as soon as possible.

How long does it take?
To replace a windshield properly takes about an hour, depending on the vehicle. We take our time to insure a quality installation. We believe in doing it correctly, rather than quickly.

How long must I wait before I drive after a windshield installation?
The industry guidelines suggest a curing (or setting time) of 30 -60 minutes before driving your vehicle after a windshield is installedll to insure your safety.

Do you do on-site installations at the customer’s choice of location?
We are determined to accommodate your needs, including coming to your home, office or other site (field job site) to install the auto glass you need. Our on-site installations are completed under the same strict guidelines as the work done in our shop locations.

What if it’s raining? Or snowing??
We do not recommend replacing your windshield outside if it is raining or snowing. However, if we can get the vehicle under cover, we can successfully perform the installation. In order for the adhesive to adhere properly, the surfaces (vehicle and glass) must be dry.
If temperatures are below 30*, we suggest bringing the vehicle inside a garage at your location or to one of our shop locations.
Many of the pieces we need to remove from your vehicle during the installation process are made of plastic. At low temperatures, there is more chance for the plastic to become brittle and break during the installation. Being inside where it’s warmer helps prevent parts from being damaged due to freezing temperatures.

Regarding the Insurance process-Call ACME first

Do you work with insurance companies?
Yes, Acme Glass works with ALL insurance companies and we will guide you through all steps of the claim process. We are authorized by ALL insurance companies. We will bill your insurance and we do all the paperwork.

Do you guarantee your work?
We guarantee our work 100%. Your replacement glass is warranteed against defects in material & workmanship as long as you own your vehicle.

My insurance company told me I can only use someone on their preferred list of vendors.
Is that true?
FALSE. As a vehicle owner in Massachusetts, you have the right to choose the service provider for any repairs to your vehicle.
It is illegal for an insurance company to “steer” you to the shop of their choice! They are required by Massachusetts law to let the customer choose who will perform the work. If you have comprehensive insurance coverage on your car, then the cost of glass replacement is normally covered by your insurance policy.
You cannot be forced to work with a company you do not know or wish to work with. NEVER let someone else decide who repairs your vehicle. You have the right to choose.
Choose a local business and work with service personnel you know and trust!

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